Comprehensive Mentoring

GEAR UP Waterbury offers comprehensive small group and large group classroom-based mentoring sessions for current cohort students across Waterbury Public Schools (WPS). Mentoring is a key component to the educational success of our students and the GEAR UP team is committed to providing quality experiences to students in order to encourage personal growth.   The objectives set forth within our mentoring curriculum aim to socially develop students so they are more apt to succeed in the classroom. By providing students with the personal tools to problem solve, resolve conflict, persevere, and set goals, we empower students. The Waterbury GEAR UP staff mentoring curriculum focuses on these concepts and looks to build a growth mindset amongst our students. The brain is like any muscle in our body. As we feed it energy and nourishment, it will grow, develop, and strengthen. Our mentoring curriculum provides students the opportunity to explore this issue. Our staff encourages students to believe in themselves by believing their personal developmental skills can and will grow.

In addition to non-cognitive skill building, the GEAR UP Teacher Advisors mentor students on academic success and post secondary readiness. Mentoring lessons are designed to address study habits, test taking strategies, study environments as well as college and career exploration. The mentoring model provides a well rounded, holistic approach to student development that provides student ownership of their future. The curriculum allows students to explore their pathway to success and map out the tools necessary to successful reach each milestone along the way.

See Pillars of Academic, Social, and Future Success

After School Programming

GEAR UP offers after school enrichment programs for students wanting to explore career readiness skills. After school programming in leadership, nutrition education, male and female youth support networks, and career exploration are offered to students. Students interested in exploring one or more of these options, or starting an after school club should see a GEAR UP site coordinator.

College Campus Tours

GEAR UP Waterbury offers a series of college campus tours throughout the school year and summer months. Students and families are invited to attend campus tours to familiarize themselves with campus life. Tours to colleges and universities provide information sessions, academic opportunities, residential life, and extracurricular information. No tour can be complete without a sampling of the campus’s dining hall food (Usually everyone’s favorite part of the day)